What's awesome on Audience Blaster

Main features on software, best marketing tool for marketer

Search Page or Group

Easy search page or group with list of keywords

Extract group member

Get all members of group with one click

Extract page/group posts

Scan all post of page or group on facebook

Post Interactions

Extract likes/shares/comments of Facebook posts

Get user profile

Extract public email/phone or all friends of user by uid and even extract pages user liked

Zero Budget Marketing

With UID, you can do lots of $0 marketing like auto add friend, send message to user/page, auto like page/join group, auto post feed ...

How Audience Blaster work?

Let's see this activity flow

bussiness flow />

Go deep with some tutorials

Search page or group

Extract thousand of page or group by keywords

Extract group members

Enter list of group id from first feature to extract member of groups

Extract page post

Enter list page ids from first feature to extract posts of page

Get post interactions

After extract posts from page, you can get all likes/shares/comments from that posts

Extract user infomation

When you got lots of user id (UID), you can get email/phone from that UIDs, or get friends of that user, or even pages user liked

Software last updated on: January 20, 2022


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One Time

  • Full features
  • Basic help center
  • 3 devices / license

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Audience Blaster currently only support on Windows Operating System

  • You should login to Facebook via second account
  • You can increase delay number when scrape data
  • If your account locked several times, just log in with another account and try login that account later